The following rules apply when using these layers - the full details are listed at is is free for reuse for non-commercial purposes as long as you stay within the various copyrights of the underlying data and your traffic is not excessive. If you do use the map tiles please let me know.

Please note that bulk downloading of tiles is prohibited.

If you want to use the map data for commercial use, or you expect your traffic to be heavy then please get in touch. The main concern here is hosting and transfer costs of the map tiles.

The following table lists the url to use with Leaflet for each layer format. Simply substitute layerName with the required layerName.

Leaflet url's
Layer FormatUrl typeLeaflet url
slippyMultiple servershttps://s{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png
Single server{z}/{x}/{y}.png
tmsMultiple servershttps://s{s}{z}/{x}/{-y}.png
Single server{z}/{x}/{-y}.png

The following table lists the layers, their types and the zoom ranges available for each one. A json version of this table is also available.

Base layers
Hypsometric_10m1:10m Cross Blended Hypso with Relief, Water, Drains, and Ocean Bottom tms082018 March 291 h 59 m1,959 mb
NaturalEarth1_10m1:10m Natural Earth I with Shaded Relief, Water, and Drainages tms082018 March 292 h 20 m1,782 mb
NaturalEarth2_10m1:10m Natural Earth II with Shaded Relief, Water, and Drainages tms082018 March 282 h 3 m1,771 mb
OceanBottom1:10m Blended depth colors and relief shading of the ocean bottom derived from CleanTOPO2 data tms082018 March 291 h 54 m965 mb
Overlay layers
GeographicLines_10mTropical and polar circles, equator, and International Date Line. tms082018 March 291 h 11 m358 mb
Graticule_10m_30d1:10m Graticule grid at 30° intervals. tms082018 March 291 h 11 m346 mb
Graticule_10m_20d1:10m Graticule grid at 20° intervals. tms082018 March 291 h 11 m346 mb
Graticule_10m_15d1:10m Graticule grid at 15° intervals. tms082018 March 291 h 11 m346 mb
Graticule_10m_10d1:10m Graticule grid at 10° intervals. tms082018 March 291 h 11 m346 mb
Graticule_10m_1d1:10m Graticule grid at 1° intervals. tms082018 March 29x h xx m355 mb
OSM_GBIE_2017Open Street Map of Great Britain and Ireland only. slippy0142018 March 3013 h6,960 mb
TimeZones_10mTime Zones tms082018 March 291 h 14 m358 mb
TM_World_Borders_0.3World Borders Dataset Version 0.3 from, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. tms082018 March 291 h 16 m384 mb